Monday, July 19, 2010

Open House Fundraiser a success

We had the first of our big fundraisers this past weekend. There were 35 people who dropped in throughout the afternoon. 33 people made for a very busy afternoon with lots of conversations going on about what we are taking on in Mexico.

We did a balloon draw for a "Romantic Evening Extravaganza" basket. It included a $100 gift certificate to La Dolce Vita Ristorante, 2 bottles of wine from Airdrie Liquor, wine glasses and Chocolate Truffel tea from Oolong tea house. Balloons were sold at $20/balloon. The balloon holding the winning ticket was purchased by Blair Hoffmann! Congratulations to Blair and his wife! We also had a door prize draw for a signed copy of the book "Prairie Dreams" by Courtney Milne. Congratulations to Michele Guinan!

6 weeks to go for our fundraising efforts. I'll be focusing my attention for the next couple weeks on collecting Silent Auction donations.

The on-line Silent Auction will start August 1, 2010. We already have some amazing donations including a flight for 2 to San Francisco, a flight for 2 to Las Vegas, a deluxe toilet (including installation), a signed hand drawn picture of Eric Lindros, Restaurant and spa packages. I will post more as soon as the On-line Silent Auction site is ready to be viewed.


  1. Holly, I am amazed and impressed by your dedication to do the research on going to Sanoviv and the details you provide in your blog. I wish you the best of luck in Mexico. I too have MS and am thinking about going to Sanoviv but, as you well know, cost is an issue. Nevertheless, I find myself trying to convince myself that I should go for the 3-week program. As it is, I'll barely have enough money to go for the CCSVI treatment 10-day program.
    But - thank you so much for doing the research and posting your findings on-line. Here's hoping for a brighter future for both of us!
    Heidi Redl - Williams Lake, BC

  2. Hi Heidi! Yes, I the 3 week program would be great! Unfortunately, I would not be able to bring my son and I'm not willing to leave him that long at such a young age. I have a friends currently doing the CCSVI program and Nero repair program at Sanoviv right now. I really think you should consider it for yourself. You're health is worth it. I know it's all very expensive but people are willing to help if we let them. Let me know if you want to talk directly. Good luck with whatever you choose!

  3. I did it Holly - I'm booked into Sanoviv for mid-November for the 10-day CCSVI treatment. My kids are about as excited as I am so I guess they don't care about me dipping into their inheritance - ha - to go. Now come the big fears like: will there be a blockage at all in one of my veins? I hope and pray there is because lately in this heat MS is no picnic and I'd really like to feel a lot better. I hope your fundraising is going well and you can get down there soon. I'm honestly thinking that instead of fundraising for the MS Society's Walk for MS next year I'll fundraise for people with MS to have angioplasties.

  4. Yeah!!! That's awesome! I'm so happy for you Heidi. Keep me posted. You can email me directly at

    Would love to support you in your fundraising efforts if I can...let's talk. :O)