Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I was just wondering....

It's funny, I've heard, read and watched so much lately about MS and this "Liberation" procedure. I think I just started to assume that everyone knows what it's all about and is just as clear as I am. Then I talked to a friend who had a whole bunch of questions and I realized that there is still a lot that I have not shared that many people may be wondering about.

What results do you expect after returning?
I really don't know what to "expect". Everyone sees different results. At this point, I don't even know if I have any narrowing in my veins. When I get to Sanoviv Medical Institute I will undergo a series of diagnostic tests. One of which will be a Doppler scan. This will show if there is a narrowing in the veins. How much blockage, however, will not be known until the procedure is performed.
The great thing about Sanoviv Medical Institute is that their 8 day program includes a LOT more than just the Liberation treatment. It also includes an individualized rehabilitation and nutrition program, Chiropractic treatments, Ozone therapy, dental diagnostics as well as a completely organic diet throughout our stay. So...the way I see it all this other stuff is going to have a positive impact on my health and my body's ability to heal.

What results do you expect?
People have seen varying results. Some have noted increased mobility, less fatigue, increased energy, no heat sensitivity etc. Some people have noticed changes immediately and other noticed mild changes over a period of weeks or months. Everyone is different. For this reason, I am trying not to have any expectations. Any improvement at all would be a huge blessing and worth the time and money.

What if the veins close up again?
Well...this could happen. They could also just stay open and all symptoms disappear. We really can't predict the future. So why try...
The reality is that there is a lot of really harsh drugs out there that don't actually claim to DO anything except "may reduce the number and severity of attacks" (which says nothing) and yet many people continue to take these drugs and the medical community continues to promote them.
If I see results for myself out of doing this procedure, and yet the veins narrow again, I would most likely do the procedure again. It would not mean that the procedure didn't have positive impacts, it would simple mean that there is still a root cause yet to be discovered that's causing narrowing in these veins.

How do they perform the surgical procedure?
A catheter is inserted through the groin and moves up to the left and right jugular veins in the neck. The small balloon attached to the catheter expands the vein and allows the blockage to clear returning normal blood flow. A stent is put in place only if the vein continues to collapse. This is pre-approved by the patient and only done if absolutely necessary.

This video gives a very comprehensive look at Sanoviv and the work they do. Click Here to see the Video
It's an amazing video and well worth a quick peak.

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