Thursday, March 10, 2011

Go with the flow

I'm back from my 6 month follow up appointment at the Sanoviv Medical Institute in Rosarito Mexico. My regular doctor, Dr. Mercado, was out of town at a conference. I was a little disappointed to hear this until I found out that I would be seeing Dr. Meza. Dr. Meza was the Sanoviv doctor that had gone to Italy to work with Dr. Zamboni on the CCSVI procedure and protocol.

Dr. Meza stressed the importance of flow in the veins. He explained that when he looks at ultra sound results, he doesn't focus as much on the narrowing of the veins as much as he looks for a good flow through the veins. The narrowing, he explained, is more a result of poor or inconsistent flow. The question then becomes what would cause there to be poor or inconsistent flow (turbulence or reflux)?

In my case, there has been a good improvement to the flow through the veins, however, it is not always consistent and shows some turbulence still in the left jugular. This makes sense to me as I've seen some amazing improvements but still have some tone or resistance in my muscles (although not at all to the degree it was prior to Liberation), I still have very cold extremities (left arm and leg) and some heat sensitivity (although I recover more quickly now). It seems it is quite common for people to have varying levels of recovery strictly from the liberation procedure. That being said, the doctors are very happy with my progress and encouraged me to continue on my current program (Nutrition, supplements, exercise, monitoring vitamin D levels etc).

When you hear the phrase “go with the flow”, what do think? I don’t normally think blood flow but more temperament. Could the two be connected? I think they are. The one major area where I have really not put much or really any attention is in relaxation, breathing exercises and meditation. Why is it always seemingly more important to focus on the tangible "to do" list where you see and feel more immediate results. In some way it almost feels lazy or “woo woo” crazy to meditate instead of doing physical therapy and yet I know both are equally important.

If someone was to ask me to describe my personality, I would say; I’m positive, pretty laid back; nothing much bothers me (if I have a plan for how things will go…red flag). I take life as it comes and I don’t worry about the little things. I like to feel in control especially over things I can’t control. Humm… This means on the surface, I’m pretty calm, cool and collected. In my head however, my brain is usually on overdrive.

You know how we all have that little voice of evaluation and reason. I don’t just have that one little voice in my head evaluating everything, I think I have a whole village of supposed experts offering the next plan of action. So if things don’t go as planned, my village of experts have a new idea. This is great if you’re not my husband, mother or sister that might make a decision or offers a suggestion without consulting me (aka, the village). Suddenly, I’m frustrated with them and they don’t have a clue as to why! See…crazy! :O)

I know I would find huge benefit in being more grounded and not as rigid in my ways. I think there is no coincidence that the blood in my body is not flowing with ease and my way of thinking is not operating with ease. Isn’t it interesting that when I am stressed (physically, mentally or emotionally) my physical body doesn’t move with as much ease.

In this next phase of my MS recovery, I am going to put more importance on the energetic connection. After all, at the smallest level, that is what we are is energy. So, I’ll start “small”. I’m going to start by journaling and doing breathing exercises (not at the same time). I’ll move on to meditation a little later.

On the physical side, I have attached my latest video. I noticed when I watched the video how little I use my left arm. I have the ability to move it and yet, I don’t. I have not done any physiotherapy on my arm yet but I think that is my next big body part to address with my Physio. Time to strengthen and build full range of motion.

6 Month video

Now, let’s all take a deep breath and Go With The Flow.


  1. Holly, this is SO exciting to hear your insights -- it really resonates with me.

    Could I suggest a wonderful breathing exercise -- both Deepak Chopra and Andrew Weil have recommended this 4-7-8 relaxation breath -- you can find it on

    I look forward to your next update, hugs Sherrill

  2. Hi Holly,
    I like your "Going with the Flow" idea. I meditate with Spring Forest Qigong.

    You are welcome to come along with me to SFQ practice sessions on Tuesday mornings.

  3. Thank you for the breathing exercises Sherrill.

    I will check out the website Joan. I would be interested, just have to see if it would work as far as having someone look after Logan.