Friday, March 18, 2011

Sanoviv Weekend Getaway...for a great price!

Every time I’ve been to the Sanoviv Medical Institute I have been touched by the experience. Not just my own experience but even more due to the people that I’ve met there and the stories I heard. Sanoviv is like the place that we all dream exists (especially when we or a loved one is sick) but most people have no idea that it does exist. I think everyone would benefit from going to the Sanoviv Medical Clinic. Unfortunately, too many people don’t know it exists or what Sanoviv can do for them.

Sanoviv is currently running a special for the month of March. They are calling this special the Sanoviv Weekend Getaway. (This is their promo) Normally priced at $1500 per person and $2500 per couple, is now priced at $999/$1500. You and a loved one (who are willing to share a bed), can enjoy 3 nights at Sanoviv, plus basic diagnostic tests and spa treatments. This weekend getaway can be used anytime in 2011 but must be paid for in full by March 31 to take advantage of the special pricing. 1-800-SANOVIV US and Canada or 1-801-954-7600 Worldwide. Sanoviv Website

I’d like to share just 3 experiences that I had a Sanoviv just last week when I was there.

It began when our Sanoviv van picked up one of the other guests from their hotel in San Diego. This woman, Stephanie, looked like the picture of health. She looked fit and strong. Her skin seemed to glow and her smile was beaming. She had a scarf around her head that looked stylish enough that if we were not all traveling to a medical clinic, I would not have suspected cancer. As we all chatted in the van on our way to the Sanoviv Medical Institute, Stephanie shared that she first went to Sanoviv back last August (2010). 3 days prior to her first visit, she had been told she had stage 4 lung cancer. Stephanie was in the hospital fighting pneumonia when the lung cancer was found. Needless to say, the doctors redirected their focus from the pneumonia and on to the cancer. Stephanie’s situation was not looking good when she arrived last August. She was on oxygen, could hardly walk and had to stay in her room as her immune system was so weak. Stephanie stayed at Sanoviv for 1 month. The doctors at Sanoviv explained that it was critical that they deal with the pneumonia first as it would kill her if it was not dealt with. Stephanie’s cancer was too far advanced and she was told she needed to go home and do the chemotherapy and radiation. The doctors at Sanoviv don’t believe there is only one right way to address a medical condition. Sanoviv supports integrative medicine including both allopathic and alternative medical treatments. They gave Stephanie a detailed home program (nutrition, supplements, medication, emotion/energetic practises) and continued to work with her doctors in Virginia. After 4 intense months (January 2011) of dedication to her health, Stephanie was Cancer free! Her trip to Sanoviv, this time, was for her follow up program. Stephanie is confident that she will do everything she needs to do to ensure the cancer never returns.
To read Stephanie’s full story, check out her blog.

At meal time everyone sits at tables that face the Thalasso pools. We eat a healthy meal that is organic, gluten free, low glycemic and about 70% raw. The dinning room is where I met Collette and her 32 year old daughter, Sharlie. I mention Sharlie’s age because Sharlie has Cystic Fibrosis (CF). Sharlie and her parents were told she wouldn’t make it past age 10, but she did. Sharlie has been going to Sanoviv since the place opened in 2000. Sharlie has only 17% of one lung working and yet she is not on oxygen. Not only that, Sharlie has a 4 year old son at home. Sharlie and her husband were told she should not try to get pregnant as it would be too much for her body to handle. Needless to say, all went very well and they have a healthy little boy. I have no doubt Sharlie will continue to prove the odds wrong.

The next day, I met a man named James, who was there for the Sanoviv’s Integrative Physical. He was just your average health guy without any critical health concerns but believed that Sanoviv was the best place to keep his health in check. James shared that his son is Autistic and that he and his wife first went to Sanoviv initially to see what they could do for him. After Sanoviv worked with them on his diet, chelating and several other practices, he continued to see huge improvements. His son is now 11 years old and attends regular classes at a public school. James said his son is now just like every other kid with just has a few odd tendencies (but what pre-teen doesn’t).

To me, Sanoviv is a place of miracles, if you or someone you know could benefit from this, please call and see what they can do for you. I’d also be happy to talk to anyone about my personal experience with Sanoviv.

This video gives a really great look at Sanoviv and their approach to health. Video

In health,
Holly Veillard

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