Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Researching Options

I've been doing quite a bit of research on varrious locations/countries that are providing the CCSVI treatment. The challenge has been actually getting full information from the various medical clinics. (Poland, Scotland, UK, Mexico) Poland, Scotland and UK are a few thousand less expensive than Mexico, however, they don't include food, accommodations, follow up scans or rehabilitation after the procedure which would bring the cost to about the equivalent price of Mexico. I also considered flight costs in my considerations. Another big deciding factor is that all clinics require that the scans (prior to treatment) be done at their own clinic. Unfortunately, the wait time between scanning and CCSVI treatment is 1 - 2 months in Scotland/UK (they are hoping to get this down to 1 wk). This could mean 2 separate trips to these countries. I'm not sure what the actual wait time is for Poland. They are filled for 2010 and are adding to the waitlist for 2011 with a deposit of 100 pounds. Both Poland and Scotland are requesting no phone calls or additional emails as they have been overwhelmed with interest. I, however, would like answers to my questions before I decide if I even want to be on their waitlist.

Sanoviv Medical Clinic in Mexico has been very helpful!!! They have emailed me detailed information. I have completed a detailed medical form and I have a phone consultation with Dr. Armonia Rodriguez tomorrow morning. This consultation is a requirement of their medical clinic before they will allow anyone to schedule any treatment. (Which also impressed me!)

I have a team of AMAZING, TALENTED friends who have offered to assist me with coming up with some fundraising ideas. We'll meet in a week or so to put some ideas together.

I'll write more when I have more to tell. Thank you all for your support and interest!


  1. Holly where are the treatments done in Scotland?
    I blog is great, I will stay tuned.

  2. The scans are done in Glasgow and the CCSVI procedure is done in Edinburgh Scotland.