Friday, June 18, 2010

Sanoviv Medical Institute

I used to think medical treatment in Mexico was a last resort for people who have Cancer or some other terminal illness where they can receive some secret experimental treatment that are illegal in Canada and the USA. In the last few years, I have become more educated on the subject. Many of the treatments offered in countries such as Mexico are not traditional allopathic (drug based) treatments. Treatments often include herbal remedies, nutritional rebalancing, energy work in addition to allopathic treatments.

When I first heard of Sanoviv Medical Institute, I was in compete awe of what sounded like the ultimate healing center. Sanoviv doctors work in a team environment on every case. The team of doctors (including a Cardiologist, Neurologist, Surgeon, Psychologist, Dentist and Nutritionist) meet each morning to go over the latest results and work together to create the next step in each client's healing.

If you have not already checked out their website, please do.

Sanoviv Medical Institute

I also looked into the qualifications of the doctors who are employed at Sanoviv and again, I was VERY impressed. None of the doctors seem to have only 1 degree. They have several degrees in addition to various non-traditional specialties.

My husband and I had a 1/2 hour phone consultation with Dr. Armonia Rodriguez yesterday. If I had any doubts before that call, she completely relieved me of any concerns. Dr. Rodriguez was very informative, kind and open to whatever we chose to do without any pressure.

The program includes a list of tests prior to the treatments. EKG, Blood tests, Doppler ultrasound and Chest X-rays to name a few. The CCSVI is completed within the first few days of the program follow by a rehabilitation/recovery program. This looks at nutritional recommendations specific designed to increase any imbalances, a fitness program and Chiropractics to name just a few. I'm confident that I will get health benefits from the Sanoviv program regardless of the CCSVI treatment.

This afternoon, I called back to Sanoviv and booked into their CCSVI program. I am now scheduled for the early part of September 2010!

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  1. So Holly does that mean that you will probably have the procedure in September if everything checks out ok?