Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Home again - Day 5 after liberation

I wasn't sure what to expect…my first day back at home, looking after my son, cooking and cleaning for myself and the family.'s definitely more difficult to maintain a consistent, calm schedule with a 1 year old running around and no kitchen staff to prepare meals. (hahaha…wouldn’t that be nice)

My left hand and arm are still doing really good. I mention this because most of us with relapsing remitting MS are a little afraid that parts that are functioning may suddenly decide not I'm cautiously optimistic. My left foot is doing ok too, however, I need to pay more attention to proper walking technique as I tend to just walk quickly when chasing after Logan (my son) and not lift my foot. My overall movements are still more fluid. It's going to take some serious physiotherapy and exercise to rebuild the muscles and retrain the movements.

My goal now is taking on the rehabilitation program as well as a strict gluten free diet. The Liberation procedure may have cleared and opened up the veins in my neck but it's now my responsibility to do what I can to rebuild my nutrient levels and muscles. I have a series of stretches to do each day and I'll be booking appointments with my chiropractor and a sports therapist to do active release therapy on my leg and shoulder.

I want to be really clear to anyone considering the Liberation procedure that I have found it so far to be GREAT and is giving me A LOT more energy which actually allows me now to take on my own health. Now having the energy to do the exercises without being wiped out for the rest of the day.

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