Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why Sanoviv?

What other place in the world can you go where your doctor, chiropractor, dentist, psychologist and nutritionist talk to each other? AND...more importantly, listen and learn from each other! Where can you go and be wrapped in a complete healing environment while receiving medical treatment.

Walking into Sanoviv, we were greeted by our coordinator who gave us a tour of the facility and a schedule of appointments for the day. Each evening, I received a schedule for the following day. The days were filled with appointments, classes (meditation, fitness, energy medicine, food prep) and lectures (nutrition, bio-dentistry)

In addition to blood tests and chest x-rays, a Doppler Ultrasound was done to identify any abnormalities with my left and right Jugular Veins.

Scans were done both while laying down and sitting up. Holding my breath and breathing normally.

At Sanoviv, if they see any abnormailies with these veins (turbulance, reflux, narrowing etc) then they move forward with scheduling a venogram and potential venoplasty. Most places that are doing the liberation procedure will only move forward with a venogram/venoplasty if there is >49% blockage showing on the Doppler.

The challenge is that the Dopper, while very scientific, is somewhat subjective to how accurate a measurement the radiologist is able to document. In my case, the Doppler showed a 23% narrowing in the left Jugular Vein as well as some turbulence and reflux. My right Jugular Vein showed no narrowing. Lucky for me, there was enough evidence to have us move forward with the venogram.

The actual procedure took about 1 hour. I was awake during the procedure and although there was some kind of localized anaesthetic, I could feel where the catheter was in my neck and chest. The Venogram showed a 70% block on my Left Jugular Vein (Doppler had measured 23%) and 30% block on my Right Jugular Vein. Venopasty (using a balloon to stretch the vein) was done on the Left Jugular Vein. No venoplasty was performed on my Right Jugular Vein as the blockage was not greater than 49%.

What I like about Sanoviv was that I didn't have to have all my hopes riding solely on the Liberation procedure. They have been working with neurological patients for quite some time with very good results (using their neuro-repair program). They really provided me with a great program (nutrition/rehabilitation/energy exercises/breathing exercises) and support for after the procedure. (They also refund some of the money if they were not able to go forward with the venogram/venoplasty).

The Sanoviv program also includes a detailed take home program (rehabilitation exercises/nutritional requirments/supplements) as well as a follow up program. I knew when I booked my program that it included follow up appointments at 2 months and 6 months. What I didn't know was that the follow up team would be calling me every 2 weeks to check my progress. In addition, I have email access to the Sanovov follow up team if I have any questions or concerns.
This truly has had me feel set up for success and ready to take on the necessary work.

Is Sanoviv the right choice for everyone? Not necessarily. Every individual needs to make their own choice based on their specific situation. I simply want to provide information on my experience so that others can make an informed choice.

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  1. Wow! A 70% blockage found! How informative your post is Holly! If I may be candid, I have mixed emotions and thoughts, the "Think of all the lack of oxygen and damage done for all these years" gave me a lurch to my stomach quickly followed by...(yes,I know the past is past!) and then the one that says "OH! What a future you have in store, so very exciting, like everyday a new opportunity and gifts to be revealed for the body to take on healing in all areas!" Truly amazing and life enhancing on all accounts! Holly, thank you for being so vulnerable, courageous and honest in your trailblazing experience with Sanoviv and the Liberation procedure. I am moved and encouraged that true and integral health CARE exists.