Sunday, September 12, 2010

Noticing a few things...

This is cool. I'm typing with 2 hands. Not really well with the left but 2 hands nonetheless.

Yesterday, which was relax and recover day (aka...vacation day)...I did a light stretching class in the morning, later followed by a 45 min pool exercise class, sat in the hot tub for 10 min or so and wandered around in the yard in and out of the sun all afternoon. Not to mention all this was done after having a hot shower and getting ready in the morning. Not much of a challenge for most people but this is something that would have not only exhausted me before but put me basically out of commission by noon. Yesterday...I had energy all day and my muscles didn't feel fatigued at all. (Back to typing with one hand...but it's all baby steps) :O)

Today, I notice I can walk much better without my brace. My left foot is not dropping as much but still very weak and not a lot of contol but gives me courage that I can work from this point at getting things rehabilitated.

(Just finished showing off my stellar walking ability to some people in the dining hall...even walking backwards) hahaha

The greatest thing about the Liberation treatment is that it gives me a kicking off point. It's not like everything is going to be instantly all better with this treatment but with more energy and less muscle fatigue, I feel like I can actually take on a rehabilitation program that will have me functioning more optimally.


  1. Hi Holly

    So glad to here that you're seeing some benefit to the procedure! Hopefully each day brings more improvement.

    Mike & Marion

  2. Hi Holly
    Great news on the progress of your treatment. I love your attitude (baby steps). I am so very happy for you. Sending you love and light.

    Paula Anger

  3. Fantastic Holly! Gives me goose-bumps to imagine the healing process--especially since you're starting to see differences. It's totally understandable that you'll begin to regain your abilities over-time; with patience and exercising.

    KEEP IT UP!! :)