Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Let the healing...

WOW, what an incredible facility! The past 2 days have been filled with a plathora of tests and consultations with various specialists. I am so impressed with the depth of their knowledge and the degree of questions being asking. It has really made me feel like nothing is being left out.

The food here is all organic as well as the clothing, bedding, all building material etc. The air just feels cleansing. We have wheatjuice, golden milk (coconut milk/tumeric/cardimum), fresh vegetable juices and coconut water daily. The food is all organic and SO yummy!

We had the doppler scan yesterday and received the results today indicating several abnormalities. I start blood thinners today and will have the surgical procedure on Friday. Although there are abnormalities, we will not know until the venography is done if they will move forward with the balloon venopasty.

All in all, things are going great and we're really giving our bodies a health boost. I'll write more after Friday.


  1. That is great to hear Holly. I am sure having the facility and food being great helps your confidence in everything else. Good luck on Friday we will be waiting to find out how it went.
    Auntie Maxine

  2. Big Hugs guys! It's great getting updates via the blog!

  3. Exciting Holly! Can't wait to hear more!